Crystal Clear

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  • crystal clear reverse

    Crystal Clear Reverse 60ml


    Voted “Best Serum for Mature Skin” by Brand New magazine A breakthrough in the treatment of pre and post menopausal, dry and sensitive skin.

  • anti ageing treatment

    Intense Anti-Ageing Serum


    Intense anti-ageing moisturiser is perfect for those whose skin needs more
    than a normal moisturiser. Our powerful formula contains high levels of proven
    active peptides and oxygen complex, which help to restore and repair dry, ageing
    tired skin. The result is fabulously firmer and younger-looking skin with
    wrinkles plumped from within.

  • crystal clear oxygen face polish

    Oxygen Face polish 200ml


    Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skins.

  • crystal clear revitalising tonic

    Revitalising Tonic


    Suitable for all skin types especially dry, damaged, ageing and sensitive skin.

  • anti ageing serum

    Skin Repair Serum


    Scientifically proven to effectively reduce wrinkles and firm the skin.
    Better structured, your skin appears firmer, smoother and more resilient with
    hydration levels improved.

  • crystal clear soothing gel

    Soothing Cleansing Gel



    Soap free
    Suitable for all skin types
    Dissolves grease
    Removes make-up
    Can be used as a shaving aid by both men and women

    What are the Active Ingredients?

    Polycol moisturising complex – Limits the trans-epidermal water loss and helps cells retain water
    Pectin, mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes
    Vitamin C and Vitamin B – Emollient, soothing & moisturising
    Re-fattening agent – Offers protection from aggravating environmental factors, leaving a film on the skin to protect
    Cucumber extract

  • wrinkle erase pads

    Wrinkle Erase Pads


    Five minutes to gorgeous – the instant answer to tired eyes. Simply activate the Chitosan impregnated pads with the caffeine solution, apply to the eye area and you’ll emerge looking years younger in minutes, as the unique formula smoothes, lifts and hydrates the fine, delicate skin around the eyes. Even if you’re rushed, the pads need only be applied for five to ten minutes before working their magic.