Environ Facial

Additional Info:

What makes Environ unique? According to Environ, Vitamin A is the ‘oxygen’that the skin needs to look beautiful and healthy for life.

The introduction of Vitamin A into skincare products was revolutionary. This wonderful vitamin is one of the most powerful anti-ageing formulas due to its anti oxidant properties and ability to counteract the harmful effects on your skin by exposure to the environment. Environ products will assist your skin in being more resilient and appear healthier. Not only is it excellent as far as anti ageing is concerned but it is also good for acne prone and sensitive skin. This wonderful range of products is used by various celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Naomi Watts is is now available in over 70 countries on an international basis.

Should you wish to start using any Environ products or book an Environ facial we will first do a basic interview with you regarding your skin and then follow with a thorough skin examination. It is also important to either keep out of the sun if possible or to wear a good suntan lotion during the use of this wonderful skincare product range. If you have booked an escape holiday to a warm island in the sunshine – you would need to take extra precautions and wear sunscreen. Our interview will also cover whether you are on any existing medications or have any allergies and sensitivities to products.

During your skin examination, we will be able to point out what percentage of your skin is covered in wrinkles or sun spots and blemishes and also advise you on the level of deterioration over the next few years should you not have any treatment. Our salon is comfortable, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so don’t delay in booking this wonderful, professional facial. Your skin is after all your long term investment.