Wrinkle Erase Pads

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Five minutes to gorgeous – the instant answer to tired eyes. Simply activate the Chitosan impregnated pads with the caffeine solution, apply to the eye area and you’ll emerge looking years younger in minutes, as the unique formula smoothes, lifts and hydrates the fine, delicate skin around the eyes. Even if you’re rushed, the pads need only be applied for five to ten minutes before working their magic.

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Available in 32/64 treatment trade size and 4/8 treatment retail size called “Wrinkle Erase Eye Pads” in a presentation box

Each box contains four wrinkle erase pads and for bottles of activator. One pad allows you to treat the upper and lower eye area, but if you only want to treat the lower eye then each pad will give you two treatments.


  • Anti-ageing
    Reduces wrinkles
    Tones and hydrates
    Boosts collagen production
    Suitable for all skin types

What are the Active Ingredients?

  • Wheat Proteins & Amino Acids – provide a deep moisturising action, improves the skin surface softening lines and wrinkles and leaves an invisible protective veil, which tenses and firms the skin
  • Algae Gel Active – works on a mechanical basis to create a film on the skin surface and helps provide the lifting effect
  • Diatomaceous Earth – has been around for hundreds of years and is a very porous substance, perfect in drawing impurities from the skin. It enhances the deep cleansing of the pores. As the mask dries and forms a gel like layer over the skin the impurities are drawn into the mask

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